▹George’s Street Arcade, South Great – Dublin 2, D02 DH79
▹92 Rathmines Rd Lower, Dublin 6
▹George Street Arcade: 11AM ‑ 6PM
▹Rathmines: Mon ‑ Thu 5PM ‑ 11PM,
Fri ‑ Sun 12PM ‑ 11PM
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We proudly introduce the first-of-its-kind Mankaeesh experience to Dublin. Manakeesh holds a significant place in Middle-Eastern and Levantine cuisine, making it a cornerstone of our menu.

It all began with a proud owner of Zaatar, who shares a passion for Middle Eastern cuisine. He moved to Dublin from a different part of the world, bringing with him a love for food that transcended borders. He often reminisced about the comforting flavors of his hometown and dreamed of introducing Dubliners to the wonderful world of Middle Eastern cuisine in a unique way.

It was decided to combine Middle Eastern heritage with a local favorite: pizza. After months of experimentation in his home kitchen, the owner stumbled upon the perfect idea – Zaatar pizza. Zaatar, a fragrant blend of herbs and spices, was a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, and he believed it would pair wonderfully with the familiarity of pizza.

This is how Zaatar was born. With a cozy interior adorned with touches of Middle Eastern aesthetics, the restaurant welcomed its first customers in June 2022. The menu features a variety of Zaatar-inspired pizzas, each carefully crafted to appeal to the diverse palate of Dublin’s residents. From the classic “Margherita” to the adventurous “CAPRINO PICANTE,” every pizza told a story of fusion and flavor.